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Last week was a BAD one Petsmart fired me, my bird died, my friends had to put their dog down, my time of the month started when Pat came to see me, and I got sun poisoning...at least these positives came to make it all better I met Saint Dog! Lisa and Brandi came up for the show I haven't seen them in 3 years you girls look awesome it was great to hang out again! Patrick took me to Six Flags 2 times this weekend and paid for gas and parking..wow I love that damn boy! He also stayed over Sunday night to make sure I was ok with the sun poisoning. And I got to see Josh go on his first roller coaster and then 2 more and he went on some intense water slides too!

WoW here I am again

I don't even know how long it's been but it's been a good while.

Things have changed much. It's been almost a year since I was last on her and ALOT has changed major thing is I'm not in Dallas anymore..and not with Michael anymore.

Lets see I'm back in Maryland where I went to grooming school sponsered by PetsMart and now I'm a groomer at the White Marsh Petsmart ( stalkers need not notice that thanks). I started out at the Glen Burnie Store and wanted to slice my wrists. Then I went to Catonsville which used to be the most fun store in the area..after I left it all fell....not die to my adsence. Now I'm in White Marsh where I have a manager who is ummm well he is hot, but most everyone in the store thinks he is gay. I don't believe it I mean I have some pretty metrosexual friends who seem gay but are definatley not. Ummm it's an ok store I'm finally getting used to everyone.

Boston had to be given up for adoption and it broke my heart. Now I have a kitten named Buddah and a bird named Barbosa.

I was dating a wonderful guy named Patrick but within this last week we broke up however we are still great friends! He is a doll he treats me so good.

Today is my baby's birthday she turned 8!! The youngest of my wonderful kiddos!

I'll try to update this more often...I can't promise anything though.

wow...Salon news

So this past week has been friggen CRAZY! My salon manager who that same day told me he thought I was pretty much ready to go to grooming school quits...WTF! I got a call at 8:30 am that Jayson packed his stuff and left Cordi his key. It was very unexpected. I was upset because I really got my hopes up about grooming school and now what? I guess if it's up to Ron Chris will go...and not to say I can't go to the next one ...I mean I can be patient enough but I just think I have earned my spot. I am trying so so hard to show that. I guess my words could be less criticizing about Chris...maybe thats the competitor in me....I should show better showmanship. I just want it so bad it hurts and there is only a month difference in mine and his employment status as bathers...as far as for the company I have been there longer but I transfered to grooming a month after Chris started. I know he is a good bather most the time and he usually works hard. He deserves a shot as well. I want whats best for all the salon and I guess they'll let me know if they think I'm whats best. I hope Cordi gets the manager position because she deserves is. It's not an easy job I'm sure. Jayson had to deal with corporate throwing his lack in sending us to grooming school at him but seriously if he didn't think we were ready then we weren't and I can't blame him for wanting to make sure we represented the salon the very best we can. I'll miss Jayson in my opinion he was an excellent manager and unfortunately we are a bit mad too because he didn't let us know at all. Best the best of luck in all his ventures and keep in touch please! Alex started back in grooming yesterday and he did awesome! Jess couldn't believe he just started that day.Good job my fave little fag..hehe he knows I <3 him! Alex is my budster I love this little dude! He is gonna be a wonderful bather and someday a great groomer.I'm glad to see Jessica again yesterday and I think she looks very happy so I'm glad she loves where she is at.
So yep thats the news...at least the world of Petsmart Grooming Salon on greenville news.

wow it's been forever

And boy oh boy it seems that I have grown up a lot. Life's taken a lot of changes in the past year. I'm working at Petsmart as a groomer's assistant. I love the job. I bathe dogs all day. I love animals and thats where I got my first Texan dog...formally known as Peewee now Boston. My little dachshund is my precious little baby. He is such a funny little guy. Then I adopted a pug her name was sissy but I changed it to Karma. Karma is a lazy little pug but she is quite funny. She snores, sneezes and farts a whole lot but hey thats just her genetics...can't really hold it against her..haha!
I'm working very hard and soon I hope to become a groomer. The money is good and I sure could use it. I've been working hard to get good grades in college, so far I'm at a 3.0 gpa. Which is pretty good. It would have been better if I'd not gotten that D is Spanish but O well...that class was really fast paced.
I'm planning my vacation to MA in July...it'll be July 9-13th I think. I can't wait to see everyone...PLUS I'm bring the love of my life Michael with me. I can't wait to introduce him to everyone.
Anyways I'm off here...I have to get sleep I have an early morning Jayson is going to teach me more about shaving pads and sanitary shaves on dogs.

so today today

so today i am sssooooo depressed ( crying as i type)

Hallie called me to bitch about a pillow I didnt even know was messed up...maybe it's cause I dont pay much attention but I feel bad cause I didnt know...I feel so bad and I'm not in a position to buy another one cause I'm so broke and I'm not use to this...i need another waitress job i am not used to not having money.

I dunno why but lately i think michael is sick of me...I guess I should spend more time at my place and not with him but i guess with the amount of people at my place I feel uncomfortable expecially if people i dont know come over, i guess it's my anxiety a lil bit and the fact I have low low self esteem so if someone laughs i think it's at me...
I know I need to get over these excuses....
I'm sitting here hungry and thirsty and I could do something about it but at the same time I dont want too...I wanna just stave to death in a way...even though i know my body could probally live off it's own fat for quite a while.
I should be cleaning or something but the depression is tearing me up...I can't manage atm.

I keep thinking in my head I just wanna drive my car off a bridge....i dunno probally no real good reason to do so but it's this damn depression

my day so far

OK yesterday is where I'll start...changed Guilds on wow...Now in Dark Nexus ...VERY awesome end game guild! I'm excited about that...those who are not "w.o.w." litterate might have trouble comprehending but tis ok.
Me and Hallie ( see I didnt fail to mention YOU hallie...lol) went to fill out applications at Medieval times and of course yahoo maps sucks and we got lost trying to find our way there...Hallie was right it was on the opposite side..I suck at life.
Hmmmm what else happened yesterday....
Texans need to learn too diffrent between drissles and IT'S POURING OUT..Hallie knows what I'm talking about for Gods sakes Lazy guy and his family you wont melt your not a sugar cube.

Ok this morning I went to Class..Once again the big geek of the class has to make DUMB comments so one guy in our class made one back to him wich caused an arguement ...why argue with the class dumbass...pointless..haha.

I came home to change for work and my belt is MIA ..lol i dunno who would take it surely not my roomate she is way to small for that belt...lol maybe the cats you find them hording all types of things..crazy cats. they steal headbands, hairties, socks, underwear, shoes, you name it they have it...if it's missing the cats have it. So it's opening day and I have no belt OH goody ...Now I'm up shits creak without a paddle..wonder if smokey laughs at that one...he though if it were a smake it would have bit me was funny....I know us americans are idiots sometimes..I still dont get that bacon one he told me...If I tell you it's gonna rain bacon you best get your frying pan..Umm ok..lol.

so yea I have said enough

anyways off to work for a day with the doggies !!! bye bye


so how long has it been??? Forever and a friggen day

Ok here we go..

I now live in Dallas texas..YES you heard me correctly dallas Texas

I have a wonderful sexy and most darling boyfriend named Michael and we'll be together for a year on October 12th.

I have some great friends Hallie and Nicki! I live in a beautiful house in East Dallas with Hallie. I work at Petsmart in the petshotel as a petcare specialist and I met some great people there and love it. I started college to get my nursing degree...One step at a time I'm working on my required reading class..classes aint cheap when your still an out of state resident.

I am friends with Matt ..I'M CERTAIN you guys have heaRD ME TALK about "banana" well he is my bf's bestfriend and it's great that we can get along.


what else can I say

I have a beautiful calico cat named Saki but she hates humans....and other cats...and dogs....well she pretty much hates everything...but her foot. I also have a fish named Spike who is making a nest cause he wants some female beta action..lol.

I miss my babies and my friends and family liek crazy but i am really doing good here.

well thats it for now..MISS EVERYONE!


Take the quiz: "You're an Angel of..... (w/ anime pic.s)"

You're a Guardian Angel
Watching over that one you're assigned to watch over, you are the most gently and open-minded. Unlike the Angel of Light, you aren't vain, you think humans are the most fascinating creatures created by god. You are the most innocent of all angels, beauty of innocence. Your job may sound simple but your at risk of becoming a fallen, for you could fall in love with the one you protect.

wow indeed.....How life rolls on and on...how things change from one minute to the next.

I decided Life is to precious to waste it looking for love...if love comes around then so be it..
My kids are my world...my heart...and the new destinations I bring to them...
I need to get things rollin...get my life straight! I have friends...aqaintances...I've donw my networking...
I lost friends through death and through life and as much as it hurts life rolls on...

goodbye Kyle....in life you left...so were the goodtimes...the lil we had
goodbye Grandpa Frank....in death you are now gone...one of my only family members through keith's dad I could stand...well you and aunt Laura and the kids!
Goodbye MATT...the friend I lost in life that I just can't seem to let go of...but you can stay with Trish...a girl who won't even let you talk to friends...or is it you want so much more from me...we live so far away though and from you I gained Michael....a really good friend I'm glad I met
Goodbye Chris...I lost you...you killed yourself and I don't even know how to say goodbye..I never got that real goodbye and nomatter what no goodbye feels good enough...I'll ALWAYS love you...noone would ever replace what you ment to me ..ever!

Ok enough for my rant...


I'm having fun here spending time with Kyle.
I admit I miss Sharron, Colin, Bob and lil Thomas and my babies and they want to me come home for the Handfasting...wish I could take Kyle with me...I wonder if he would come out for a vaca...I mean I did for him..

I love Sic

I love Him I really do!

and nomatter what I'll never make that mistake again!

But I'm happy now..he loves me back and I think everything is all set again!

I love talking on the phone with him...hearing his sexy voice...and knowing he is mine...



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